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Officers / Board of Trustees

Officers / Board of Trustees

Florida House Board of Trustees

Founder Rhea Chiles (Mrs. Lawton Chiles), Holmes Beach (1930 – 2015)

Chairman: Susanne Clemons, Okeechobee

Vice Chairman: Dominic Calabro, Tallahassee

Vice Chairman: Doyle Durando

Secretary: Linda Carter, Fort Lauderdale

Treasurer: Hope Hana, Jacksonville

Florida House Trustees are represented in eight regions, two councils and a region in Washington, D.C.


Washington, D.C. Area

Will Adams

Sami Araboghli

Carlos Becerra

Andrew Blasi

Shannon Duncanson

Blair Hancock

Brock Hankins

Katie Hernandez

Alex Howard

Katherine Huddleston

Emily Jacobs

Caroline Campbell Kinnaird

Kara Krause

Carl Loof

Megan McKinley

Haley Olchyk

Christian Roatta

Bradley Watson

Fort Lauderdale

Jerry Baer

Gale Butler

Linda B. Carter

Rick Derrer

Tracy Dunn

Greg Haile

Paige Hyatt

Janet Jordan

Autumn Karlinsky

Robert Kozich, Jr.

Laura Lang

Ralph Marrinson

Charles Palmer

Jim Shore

Dennis Smith

Grant Smith

Jane Smith

Dana Somerstein

Sarah Tuthill

Jacksonville & Ponte Vedra

Brenda Adeeb

Martha Baker

Martha Barrett

Holly Brooks

Patricia W. Brown

Olivia Bush

Allison Dewan

Kim Dewan

Marty Fiorentino

Hope Hana

Monica Hernandez

Keely Kopp

Irene Lazzara

Melanie Messer

Sue Molm

Susie O’Quinn

AJ Parkinson

Jessica Ring

Jamie Rood

Laura Rutledge

Linda Slade

Julie Wells

Lakeland Council

Keaton Alexander Griffin

Sarah D. McKay

Paula Mims

Kim Ruthven


Nancy Bailey

Terry Buoniconti

Denise Campbell

Suzanne Chaffin

Joyce Dickerson

Helen Duncan

James Field, Jr.

Jan Risi Field

Joseph Fleming

Linda Johnson

Susan Kahn

Luisa Kelly

Pat Keon

Leslie J. Lott

Natasha Lowell

Mel Maguire

Karen McCammon

Eileen Moss

Dotty Norton

Susan Pinnas

Joyce Stevens

Dale Webb

Lisbeth Wilson

Libby Witherspoon

Central Florida Council

Susan Brennan

Claudia Cook

Chris Dawson

Kathy McLain

Frances Nevill


Allison Aubuchon

Mary Bebout

Christy Brodeur

Diana Calabro

Dominic Calabro

Cody Farrill

Susan Fell

John David Hooker

Kurt Kelly

Cindy O’Connell

Stephanie Pichard

Cissy Proctor

Pam Ricco

Nicole Sarrine

Bri Smith

Dee Ann Smith

Britt Wadsworth

Wansley Walters

Michael Williams

Tampa/Southwest Florida

Sandy Buchanan

Bill Carlson, Jr.

Ed Chiles

Susanne Clemons

Claudia Cowart

Doyle Durando

Austin Eason

Anna Erickson

Susan Erickson

Jan Gorrie

Marti Hancock

Clay Hollis

Ed Miyagishiam

Mallory Mullen

Maritza Rovira Forino

Keebler Straz

Emily Puffer Strickland

Sandi Stuart



Rhea Chiles, Founder (1930-2015)

Trustees Emeritus

Lupe Burt

Gray Coulter*

Louise Lykes Ferguson*

Lorna Jean Hagstrom

Anne Hazel*

William Henry*

Mike Hightower

Bill Hussey*

D. Burke Kibler*

Elizabeth Lindsay*

Sarah D. McKay

Pat Mica

Grace Nelson

Jennie Shad

Emilie Shaw

Donald Simpson

Stella Thayer

Amory Underhill*

Lynne Wilson

Patsy Woodroffe


Past Board Presidents

Rhea Chiles*

Richard Farrell

Janet R. Studley

Deanna Pitman Kirchman

Stephanie Sears Edwards

Anne Barnett Hazel*

Sandy Baldwin Thomas

Patsy Woodroffe

Michael R. Hightower

Terri R. Shikany

Cynthia B. O’Connell

Ralph Marrinson

Dee Ann Smith

Sandi Stuart

Suzanne Chaffin



  1. Attend two Board Meetings each year to advise and support the Board in its role as the governing body, creating and sustaining the rules and policies of the Board .
  2. Assist in developing the annual budget, provide financial oversight and ensure that proper financial controls are in place.
  3. Serve on or advise the organization’s standing committees.


  1. Support the mission of Florida House and the short and long-term strategies set forth by the Board to ensure successful operations and resources.
  2. Serve as an ambassador for Florida House within one’s own community.


  1. Make a minimum yearly financial commitment, the amount which is set by the Board.
  2. Engage with other Trustees in geographical areas (regions) for fundraising purposes and participate in donor cultivation.
  3. As Florida House is solely supported by private contributions, fundraising is a primary Trustee function. Each chapter is charged with yearly raising $15,000 to support Florida House.

Florida House is open Monday through Friday, from 9am until 5pm. We are closed on all Federal Holidays.

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