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Welcome to Florida House

Welcome to Florida House

Florida House – The State Embassy of Florida

Welcome to the only state embassy in Washington, DC. Step inside the beautifully restored Victorian house for a glass of cold orange juice and sunshine-warm hospitality. One block from the U.S. Capitol and across the street from the Supreme Court, you’ll enjoy a commanding view of the Capitol Dome, explore treasures from across the State and enjoy unparalleled hospitality. Relax between visits to Capitol Hill attractions or appointments. We offer tours of the art collection, antiques and treasures donated by Floridians. Using the wireless internet connection, snap a selfie from the second story window with its incredible view of two of the three branches of government. Since 1973 we have welcomed visiting Floridians, students, dignitaries, elected officials and those doing business to take a moment and enjoy what our state and the nation’s capital have to offer. There is no charge to visit Florida House. Ring our doorbell Monday through Friday from 9 am – 5 pm (closed on federal holidays).

Florida House is currently open and ready to welcome visitors. Please note that we are subject to the guidelines set by the District of Columbia, although as of March 1, all guidelines have been lifted.

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