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Young Trustees

Young Trustees

Florida House Young Trustees

Formed in October, 2013, the Young Trustees are a group of men and women between the ages of 25 and 39 that expand the mission of Florida’s embassy in Washington, DC. Formerly known as the Young Ambassadors Council, the members are the next generation to not only recognize the significance of Florida House, but keep Florida House operating in perpetuity.


Will Adams, Washington, D.C.

Keaton Alexander, Tallahassee

Allison Aubuchon, Tallahassee

Cameron Baker, Washington, D.C.

Diana Calabro, Tallahassee

Chris Dawson, Orlando

John Dickhaus, Gainesville

Allison Dewan, Jacksonville

Cody Farrell, Tallahassee

James Field, Jr., Pinecrest

Marti Hancock, Tampa

Elizabeth Blair Hancock, Washington, D.C.

Clay Hollis, Tampa

Emily Jacobs, Washington, D.C.

Kara Krause, Potomac, MD

Carl Loof, New York, NY

Mallory Mullen, Washington, D.C.

Katie Nunner, Washington, D.C.

Christian Roatta, Washington, D.C.

Laura Rutledge, Jacksonville

Dana Somerstein, Fort Lauderdale

Natalia Stanley, Sebring

Christina Bonarrigo Villamil, Coral Gables


Young Trustee Responsibilities

Governance: Members should attend the fall and spring Board meetings each calendar year to vote, advise and support the Board in its role as the governing body, creating and sustaining the rules and policies of the organization. The Board will meet in Florida each fall and Washington, DC each spring. Each member should serve on at least one of the Board’s committees or task forces.

Leadership: Members should support the mission of Florida House and the short and long-term strategies set forth by the Board to ensure successful operations and resources. Each member should serve as an ambassador for Florida House within one’s own community, participate in panels at the two Board meetings and work with the McKay Civics Initiative program on a local level.

Financial: Make a minimum yearly financial commitment, the amount of which is set by the Board.

Development: Engage with other Trustees in your geographical region for fundraising purposes, and participate in donor cultivation and development. As Florida House is entirely supported by private contributions, fundraising is a primary membership function. Each region is charged with raising $15,000 yearly to support Florida House operations and programs.


Florida House is currently open and ready to welcome visitors. Please note that we are subject to the guidelines set by the District of Columbia, although as of March 1, all guidelines have been lifted.

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